BD Single-Cell Multiplexing Kit for RNA-sequencing

Enabling sample-specific tagging of individual cells for multiplexing of samples for single-cell RNA-sequencing

The BD Single-Cell Multiplexing Kit allows you to combine and load up to 12 samples onto a BD Rhapsody cartridge.

Lower cell capture and library prep cost

By multiplexing up to 12 individual samples per BD Rhapsody cartridge, you can significantly reduce project costs.

Experience true sample-to-answer assays

Complete system includes optimized antibody tagging and Illumina-compatible library prep reagents plus informatics tools.

Improve data quality

Sample tagging allows you to identify and remove erroneous data from cell multiplets originating from separate samples.

Use with BD Rhapsody system or drop-seq system

Universal kit designed for the BD Rhapsody targeted RNA and other droplet-based single-cell sequencing technologies.

Comprehensive tissue and cell type compatibility

Developed to work across a broad range of human cells and tissues

Streamlined informatics tools

Analysis pipeline to automatically demultiplex sample tags and identify multiple cells from individual wells

Increased sample throughput

Reduce expensive cell partitioning and library prep steps

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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