Integrated solutions

Address various needs across care

At BD, we provide integrated solutions of products and services that comprehensively and seamlessly support healthcare providers across care areas.

Enterprise IT, surveillance and analytics

Make the smart decision to simplify medication management across your enterprise

BD FlowSmart™ technology

Benefit from new insulin infusion set technology

Hazardous drug safety

Gain the system benefits. Lose the health risks.

Infection prevention

Take a comprehensive approach to infection prevention

Medication management

Prioritize safety and efficiency from the pharmacy to the patient

BD OEM kitting channel

Complete your kit with BD products

Procedural solutions

Streamline your operation

Vascular access management

An integrated approach to vascular access care

  1. BD FlowSmart technology enables a new insulin infusion set with a unique design to help reduce unplanned flow interruptions and keep your patients’ diabetes management on track.