BD CLiC™ system

Implement the BD CLiC high-throughput, low-volume automated platform for NGS library preparation

The BD CLiC system integrates the entire library prep workflow for next-generation sequencing (NGS) into a single instrument to give you true walkaway library preparation. Reduced reaction volumes mean more libraries can be prepared for the same budget.

Scalable throughput

The system can process 24 to 384 samples per run, and more than 50,000 samples per year, per instrument.

Reduced scale and costs

CLiC reaction volumes dramatically lower the cost of library prep reagents, enabling more libraries for the same budget.

Walkaway automation

The system requires minimal to no user intervention once samples and reagents are loaded.

Composite liquid cell (CLC) technology

This technology fully encapsulates reactions in oil, enabling dramatically reduced reaction volumes and virtually eliminating plasticware from the workflow.

Thermal cycling

The BD CLiC platform contains an integrated thermal cycler that facilitates scalable throughput of up to 384 barcoded libraries per run.


A fully automated microfluidic purification subsystem saves time and labor costs and fully supports magnetic bead purification methods.

Liquid handling

Liquid handling on the BD CLiC system is a noncontact process that reduces labor and minimizes contamination.

Product specifications
Dimensions (W x D x H) 1504 cm x 805 cm x 885 cm (60.83 in x 31.7 in x 34.8 in)
Sample dispense volume 300 nL
Barcode index volume 300 nL
Bulk reagent dispense volume 100‒500 nL
Samples per run 24–384
Thermally controlled plate locations 6 (+4°C‒70°C)
BD Gencell™ thermal chip 15°C below ambient to 125°C
Purification hood 96 channels (fixed probes)
Dispensing hood 12 channels (fixed probes)
System requirements
Power requirements 50/60 Hz; 120‒240 V
Recommended table dimensions (W x D x H) 2,288 mm x 900 mm x 750 mm (90 in x 35.4 in x 29.5 in)
Air supply Dry, clean air, 6‒8 bar (87‒116 psi); 690 L/min (3.2 cfm)

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.